ClubZero is a set of tools that help cut down on alcohol and control your drinking habits
Based on neurobiology and behavioral science
(because they work)
No willpower needed and no moralizing involved
(because they do not work)
Do you drink too often and/or too much?
Does binge drinking occur more often than you wish?
Is your daily drinking becoming a habit?
Quit daily drinking and drink only on special occasions (if you wish to do so)
Drink in social settings, but not at home
Limit the number of drinks consumed in one sitting
ClubZero helps cut down on alcohol and control your drinking habits
Regain control over your life
Decrease health risks
Live a normal and full life
Enjoy hangover-free and hangxiety-free mornings
We won’t urge you to quit drinking completely (unless you wish so), but rather help you establish a healthier relationship with alcohol. This will help you:
ClubZero tools are based on neurobiology and behavioral science
We use data from published science research
We make cognitive biases work in our favor
How we use science research
Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.
A cognitive bias is a systematic pattern of deviation from norm or rationality in judgment. Cognitive biases may sometimes lead to perceptual distortion, inaccurate judgment, illogical interpretation, or what is broadly called irrationality. Biases can help humans find commonalities and shortcuts to assist in the navigation of common situations in life.
Ritual is often more important than ethanol
Cravings usually last for about 15 minutes
Keeping track of your habits is a powerful tool
Rituals are great. They help us unwind, mark the end of the day, or celebrate. But sometimes (and let’s be honest, too often ) when those rituals involve alcohol they form a habit which is a biological neural chain that needs to be broken in order to stop undesirable behavior.
ClubZero will help you preserve your rituals and get rid of the alcohol factor.
Cravings last for 15 minutes. The surge of dopamine also lasts for 15 minutes. It is released right before or at the moment of the first sip. This has to do more with the psychology than physiology since alcohol technically cannot get into the bloodstream and brain in such a short period of time. Actually, it takes about an hour for alcohol to reach its maximum effect, but you probably noticed that you feel a little tipsy when you take the first sip or even before it.
Keeping track of your habits is a powerful tool that allows you to create or break habits. The key here is to simply check the boxes and keep the streaks uninterrupted rather than count money spent or calories saved. It turns out that the simple action of checking boxes is not so simple: our brain loves to check the boxes and hates to break the streaks.
We can take advantage of that.
These three pillars of ClubZero are backed by science:
Our brain tricks us! But we are able to trick it, too.
ClubZero tools include:
ClubZero app
Anonymous chat
Newsletter email
To maintain rituals, overcome cravings and track success
To get judgment-free support from people like you
To get tips on how to trick your brain in favor of controlling alcohol consumption
Mocktail constructor
Craving distractor
Habit tracker
Use the components you have on hand to easily mix non-alcoholic beverages and preserve your rituals without alcohol.
Easily accessible ingredients and simple recipes.
Replace alcohol-related dopamine with other easily accessible and dopamine-rich activities such as watching sticky content online. Willpower doesn't work in the long-run, that’s why you need to trick the brain, and ClubZero will help you do that.
Keeping track of your habits helps you create new habits and break the old ones. There are dozens of habit trackers out there but with ClubZero you won't be counting money spent or calories saved because those are some obvious facts that are not as important. ClubZero will help you focus on one day at a time, check boxes depending on the drinks consumed (or not consumed) and build streaks.
Again, it’s all about tricking the brain.
ClubZero app
Get support of people like you, brag about your success and make promises out loud. These things work. That's why community is so important. And that’s what you get with ClubZero.
ClubZero anonymous chat
ClubZero chat is implemented as an anonymous
Only paying customers get access which guarantees that ClubZero chat
Discord server.
judgment-free and
moralizing-free zone.
is a
Newsletter email with tips, tricks, and brain hacks.
No empty talk about obvious things like the damage to your physical health, mental health, and wallet caused by alcohol consumption.
We are constantly looking for some new scientific research and discoveries made by neurobiologists that help trick the brain in order to control drinking.
ClubZero newsletter email
We deliver them to you.
Is that too much?
$49 is about 3-4 bottles of wine or 2-3 cases of beer.
Your ClubZero subscription pays off if you manage NOT to drink this wine/beer/whatever-you-drink in a given month.
Quick facts
$49 / month
ClubZero works as a club with a paid subscription — $49 a month.
In return you get full access to all the tools including future ones (we are constantly working on developing new tools and new methods).
Most importantly, for just $49 a month you are able to:
Moreover, having to pay a membership fee is another important reason why ClubZero is an effective tool. Our brain subconsciously doesn't appreciate free stuff. Although, consciously you may feel otherwise. Therefore free tools don’t work well if you have a goal to create or break a habit.
Also, we are using the concepts of 'mental counting' and 'pain of paying' in favor of cutting down drinking habit. This is done by mentally budgeting payment for ClubZero subscription as an alcohol purchase expense.
Your brain will try to avoid additional expenses. If there is less money budgeted for alcohol there is less drinking.
Well, it’s not so pleasant to realize that our body’s behavior totally depends on how our brain functions. But that's indeed how the human mind and body work. Actually, we have very little conscious control over our behavior, and we will use that in our favor.
Save money due to the decrease in alcohol consumption
Improve your physical and mental health
Get new possibilities in your personal and professional life that are priceless
You will benefit financially if you DON'T drink just 3 bottles of wine or 2 cases of beer a month with the help of ClubZero. The less you drink the higher the benefit.
ClubZero includes:
ClubZero doesn't include:
What's included
ClubZero app
Anonymous chat
Email newsletter
A set of tools intended to help you cut down your drinking
Empty talk about obvious things like the damage caused by alcohol
Money-back guarantee
No results in one week?
No questions asked money-back guarantee
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